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Your path to complete balance and wellness.

 Dr. Michelle Wilkinson realized a need for the wellness and hormone center after spending many years addressing her patients' health issues that could have been avoided with preventative treatments.  So, she decided to open Integritas in 2014 and work with patients to improve health and find complete balance in life.  This center offers something that Dr. Wilkinson is extremely passionate about:  Exercise, diet, and healthy lifestyle = Preventative approach to good health


Integritas is a Latin word used to describe the harmonious use of all the personal faculties--the integration of the body with its passions and systems as well as intellect and will. Integritas Wellness and Hormone Center is for those patients that want a preventative approach to their health utilizing exercise, diet, healthy lifestyles, and the proper balancing of all the body systems including mind, body, and soul. As a board certified family physician with over 22 years of experience, she also has extensive knowledge in the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. Rather than simply treat the symptoms of a disease process, she strives to find the underlying cause and help to restore the body to proper balance when possible. Please contact the office to see if this type of approach is right for you.

Our practice has reasonable self-pay rates and also participates with many commercial insurance plans.




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